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All that we do is with your support and good wishes

Who we are? and Our Story

Having moved by a painful incident, we chose to stand for the underprivileged people and revitalize them by the most powerful means on the planet - 'EDUCATION' and hence the name SWORD : Social Welfare Organization to Revitalize the Deprived.

If you give a man a fish, it feeds him for the moment. If you teach him to fish, he earns it for life.

On March 12, 2008, we resolved to play our part in changing the bitter realities of the society by provision of eudcation.

What we do?

Counseling Child laborers and joining them in schools

Sponsoring the education of financially backward children

Imparting practical education in creative learning environment

Creating awareness among youth on social issues and social responsibility

Our Team

Nagamythri S, Chairperson

Imran Basha Sk, Secretary

Kiran Kumar Ch, Treasurer

Abhinay G, Vice-Chairperson

Harish P, Joint-Secretary

Venkataraja P, Joint-Treasurer

Murali Krishna Ch, Member

Asritha N, Member